Use Cases


Turn on geyser using timers so you don’t have to wake up half hour early to turn it on and wait for water to get heated.
Check what you may have left turned on before leaving your home. Turn it off from anywhere.
Use timer to decrease fan speed during early morning if you wake up feeling cold at times.
Set timers to turn on lights to wake you up. Now even the dead sleepers have a way to wake up on time.
Turn on a fan or AC from office for your pet dog or cat on an extremely hot day.
Set timers for lights outside your home to turn on after sunset and turn off after sunrise.
Save electricity by upto 30% through systematic usage of smart home devices.
Going on a vacation? Set a repetitive timer for a light to turn on and off when you are away to make it look like that there are people still at home. Safety for your home, peace of mind for you.
Set timer to turn off socket with phone charger instead of keeping it on the whole night. Save electriity and keep your phone's battery life healthy.


Ask Alexa to turn something on or off.
Sitting down to watch a TV series? Just use a custom mode to set ambiance and turn on TV for you.
Use inbuilt dimming feature to dim down your dimmable lights to set the right mood.
Turn on AC a few minutes before reaching home to enter a chilled home in boiling summers.
Switch off all lights in the house at once with custom modes before you sleep.
Feeling sick and don’t feel like getting up to turn off the light? Just turn it off from your phone.
Set timers for water pumps to turn on and off automatically. Be free from water motor duties.