Frequently Asked Questions

The device comes enabled with wifi and connects to your home wifi network, just like your other devices like smartphones and laptops.
The devices need a constant internet connection to stay connected to your smartphones. However, the switches that the devices are connected to, will still work physically.
It is a very simple process.
  1. Toggle any switch connected to the device 10 times within three seconds. By doing this, you'll hear a single long beep. This marks the device entering config mode.
  2. Connect your phone to the wifi network created by the device. It's name generally starts with OCTISE.
  3. Once connected, from your octise app side menu, enter the Add/Config Device section.
  4. Enter the wifi credentials to your router here. Both the fields will be case sensitive, so make sure to double check your entries.
  5. Press configure. You will hear two short beeps from the device. This marks the completion of config process.
The devices come with an inbuilt memory. Thus, all the setup is just a one time process.
Yes. The devices can work with any general purpose WiFi network with active internet connection.
If the devices' power hasn't been reset and has only lost internet connectivity, the devices will still trigger according to the set timers.
The components used in the device are CE, FCC certified. The devices have been tested in our labs for months, not weeks and they come with inbuilt filters for EMIs.
Any number of users may share access to the same device. Access sharing for the devices are maintained by the admin of the device (the person whose phone was used to configure the devices).
Yes. The physical switches will work as they were working without the device. The device just allows a parallel switching method for you to control and monitor your switches from your smartphones from anywhere.
Most of our smart switching product variants are designed to fit right inside your existing switchboards. Thus, they provide you an invisible solution with no shabby wires or boxes hanging outside.
  1. Open side menu and click on Device List.
    Here you will see list of all the devices that are under your administration and the ones that are shared with you by some other user. You can only allow access of devices to others that are under your administration and not the ones that were shared with your by someone else.
  2. Click on the device name that you wish to share with others.
    Now you'll be able to see the list of users sharing this device with you. You can also revoke access of the users from here or just temporarily turn their access off.
  3. Click on the email ID input field.
  4. In the list window, enter a new email ID of the user you want to share access with or select from the list below.
  5. Click 'Add' button.
  6. If the user was added successfully, you'll get a message suggesting the same and the new user will be available in the device's sharer list.